The ability to combine strategic advisory and PR activities across financial services and technology makes Norfico unique in the Nordics.

Norfico offers independent expert advisory services. We employ Fintech thought leaders with substantial experience within strategic communication as well as communication experts with Fintech experience.

By bridging strategic advisory and PR activities within financial services and technology, Norfico stands out from traditional PR agencies. This distinct profile has enabled us to capture a unique position in a market. And while every financial player continues to look for ways to understand and manage the increased complexity of the industry, the demand for Norfico’s independent expertise and fintech-focused services grows in response.

As communication experts we offer:

  • Planning and execution of strategic communications activities as part of PR campaigns, market shaping, product launches, M&A’s, etc.
  • Media handling.
  • Training of spokespersons.
  • Crisis communication management – creating message platforms and Q&A’s – e.g. in relation to security breaches, data breaches, etc.
  • Production of press releases, presentations, Q&A’s, etc.
  • Production and editing of annual reports and other IR activities.
  • Production and editing of corporate magazines, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Speaker platforms at international conferences.
  • Ghost writing of editorials, debate articles, columns, speeches, etc.

As fintech experts we offer:

  • Tailor-made reports about the latest trends and developments within specific fintech areas – e.g. mobile payments or blockchain technology.
  • A Norfico report will offer a client – e.g. a bank or IT company – an overview of relevant trends and developments and deliver assessment of impact and opportunities.
  • Detailed analyses of market potential of payment solutions and products and new mobile payments and banking software applications
  • Review and market assessments for new entrant mobile payments service providers in Europe
  • Workshops and keynotes on innovation and market trends in fintech – e.g. development of mobile payment solutions in and outside of the Nordics.

Interested in knowing how Norfico can help your company manage complexity?​

Please contact partner Michael Juul Rugaard or Kristian T. Sørensen for more information.

Photo by Benjamin Blättler, Jose Llamas, Marten Bjork