We deliver content and context in an increasingly complex financial services industry

The rapid growth in the fintech industry combined with the proliferation of technical and business model innovation and the many new players in the industry – from small start-ups to global giants – challenge the traditional players like banks, acquirers, and processors.

This development makes it increasingly difficult for the individual industry player – new or old – to get an overview of the market and its options, assess its implications, and understand the initiatives of innovators, competitors, and legislators.

In such a highly dynamic market, it is crucial to have a sustainable go-to-market strategy and ensure efficient communication towards all relevant stakeholders – both internally and externally. Norfico’s mission is to continuously support our clients’ digitisation agenda by delivering valuable and efficient advice – covering business, strategy, and communication aspects of the clients’ go-to-market plans.

We believe that the Nordic countries have the potential to be a digital role model for the rest of the world, and through Norfico’s mission we can contribute to realising this potential by shaping the market through strategic communication – e.g. by supporting the agenda for making the Nordics the world’s first cash-free region.

In Norfico, we offer our clients advisory services throughout research, design, development and launch phases of new products and services. We analyse and assess the potential of fintech services and companies including payment and digitisation services, and we offer tactical assistance during launch with a key focus on strategic and tactical communication.

Photo by Patrick Harms, Toms Rīts, Febiyan